Every sportsman has his or her very own opinion about the best place to practice their sport. Some surfers will say to you that the best waves are off the coast of Fiji while some swear by Hawaii; pro golfers will argue endlessly about where the best courses can be found. However for fishermen, most will agree that bass fishing in Florida means probably the most challenging spots there are, and some of the best bass you’ll ever catch. Why is this?

Everyone is entitled for their own opinion needless to say, but usually people love bass fishing in Florida because the weather is mild enough all year round so that you can go during virtually any month and get some great fishing in. Other states such as Texas are just too hot throughout the summer months, as well as if you go further north and try bass fishing in Canada during the cold winter months, you’ll freeze before you get anything in the boat. But with relatively warm weather all year round, that isn’t too warm during the summer, you will find that bass fishing in Florida is good regardless of when you go.

Florida’s lakes and rivers also have a wide variety with regards to depth and length of shores. Most lakes have inlets and bays that give perfect cover for bass to congregate. This too makes bass fishing in Florida about the best there is. You’re never bored no matter what lake or river you’re on; there’s always a change of scenery and always a new little nook or cranny to explore to find those elusive fish.

Additionally, bass fishing in Florida is about the best due to the natural vegetation that develops in most of the water. Any experienced bass fisherman will tell you that bass like to hide in and around the natural development in lake and river beds, as well as the more vegetation you have the more fish you’re likely to find, and typically larger fish at that.

Bass fishing in Florida is a multi-million dollar tourist business and whatever your need for a vacation package or perhaps regarding any lake, you’re going to find someone to help. You can charter a big luxury yacht for you personally and several of your friends for several days at a time, or you can find a little fishing lodge along the shoreline that’s very affordable. Since so many love bass fishing in Florida, there’s a lot of destination locations that are pleased to cater to you, whatever your needs by way of vacation packages.

Of course among the best aspects of bass fishing in Florida is that you can even leave the lake for a day or two and locate another thing that will amuse you. Amusement parks, big city shops and restaurants, and other things which you might enjoy is just a stone’s throw away. So the next time you’re planning a holiday for yourself or your whole family, think of spending a couple of days bass fishing in Florida.