Many people realize about Utah fly fishing, especially the Green River, which is a genuine paradise so far as good fly fishing is concerned. However, all is certainly not going all that well because this Utah fly fishing destination because what was 5 years ago an actual paradise for fly fishing has today become something like a freeway. The Green River spans lots of distance beginning from Flaming Gorge and winds its way through Dinosaur National Monument before traversing the deserts of central Utah and ending in the Colorado River.

The greatest Utah fly fishing on the Green River would be near Flaming Gorge which is not only scenic, but additionally makes for a good trip. Such is its popularity which you will no doubt have noticed it being mentioned in many a magazine dedicated to fly fishing, and matters pertaining to nature. You may go to the Sevier River close to Marysvale, Seven-Mile Creek close to Fish Lake, as well the Provo, Weber, Logan and Com Creek as other worthy alternatives to the Green River.

World Renowned Flaming Gorge Dam

The Green River close to Flaming Gorge Dam is known throughout the world for its fly fishing streams, as well as the clear emerald waters have a major population of trout with a few rainbows and browns also populating the waters here and some cutthroats that makes this an ideal Utah fly fishing destination.

If you woule be one of the many Utah fly fishing anglers in search of a big catch, you won’t be disappointed by what is found in these fly fishing spots and you will also be pleased to know that a Utah fly fishing trip could be arranged throughout the year by using the help of knowledgeable guides that will readily impart to you personally understanding of the secrets of this crafty Utah fish.

Additionally, you will be well satisfied with Utah fly fishing on the Provo River which has a premier blue ribbon trout fishery in close proximity to the major cities of Utah. Here, you’ll be able to land record length brown along with rainbow trout with typical lengths of fish caught ranging from a foot and a half to a lot more.

Another Utah fly fishing spot is the Logan River where there’s a lot of blue-ribbon trout waiting to be caught, and this thirty mile long river is not just easily accessible, but also has its own trout to fly fish. The Logan River is ideally designed for fly fishing and the Caddis flies are very common since trout are recognized to heavily feed on them. However, you won’t be able to fish here throughout the months of May through June due to snow melt runoff.