Bass fishing is no longer the sport of retirees only. You can find entire competitions and tournaments built around this surprisingly fast moving and fast paced sport. And many who have discovered a love for this game are looking for bass fishing lodges so that they may take their next vacation, even with the family. If you are considering the hunt for some bass fishing lodges that can accommodate one, four, as well as more, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a summary of a few of the best and will point you in the right direction.

First of all, which state will you be thinking of heading off to? While bass fishing can be done in virtually any state of this union, a few of the best bass fishing lodges are going to be based in the south, such as Florida or Texas. There are many that can be found in areas of Mexico as well, and if you’re looking to hunt the peacock bass, you’ll want to go even further south than that. But if you desire bass fishing lodges right here within the U.S., you’re not without a wide range of choices.

Because of its wide range of vegetation that typically happens in all its lakes and rivers, Florida is just one of the best states for bass fishing lodges. You can find quite a few within the Kissimmee chain of lakes, and this area works out well when you’d like to bring your entire family on a holiday. There are many things you can do in and all over the city that don’t involve bass fishing, so you can head out on the boat in the morning while your household visits an amusement park or shops for the day. The bass fishing lodges that you’ll find in this area are not any rundown fishing shacks either. Many would rival any four star resort, complete with spa packages and all the amenities you can want.

If you travel a bit west you can stay at a variety of bass fishing lodges in Texas. The Lone Star state also has great bass fishing, although you may want to try it only in the off season as the hot Texas summers make fishing more of a challenge than you would imagine. Falcon Lake is a favorite destination spot, whether you want bass fishing lodges in the U.S. or don’t mind traveling to the Mexican side of this lake. Either way you’ll get some great fishing.

Needless to say you can find amazing bass fishing lodges in many more places than simply Florida and Texas. Many areas of Tennessee and the Carolinas have amazing bass fishing in and around the Great Smokey Mountains. There are also great bass fishing lodges in several parts of Canada as well. The important thing when planning your vacation is always to think of just how much fishing you want to do versus just how much time you want to spend in the city doing the “tourist” thing, and you’re sure to find a resort or cottage or someplace else that is certain to please everyone in your household.