If you’re heading out for some serious bass fishing, you may wonder about the important albeit basic bass fishing tackle that you should be packing with you. After all, if you interview ten different fishermen you’ll get ten different stories of what is important and what isn’t when it comes to bass fishing tackle. But don’t worry, we’ve sorted through all that and can give you the most basic elements that any good fisherman needs.

Rod and Reel

Of course you need a rod and reel; otherwise what were you planning on fishing with? But the important thing when talking about bass fishing tackle is making sure that your rod, reel, and line are all compatible with one another. Your line is going to be a certain weight, meaning it can handle a certain amount of pounds before it snaps. Your rod and reel need to be compatible with this weight. If your rod is heavier than your line then it won’t let it cast out properly, and if it’s lighter than your line it’s more likely to snap. It doesn’t matter what bass fishing tackle you pack if your rod and reel are not compatible with your line and one another.


Your lures are probably going to be the most important elements of your bass fishing tackle. Of course the question is, what lures should you pack?

Here is where there are so many different opinions on what to pack and what to use, and rather than thinking that all those opinions mean that everyone is wrong, think of how it means that everyone is right. For instance, many pros will tell you to use crankbait in the morning and grubs later in the day, while others will say that you should use crankbait all the time. In reality, you need to use what is going to work best for the lake and area you’re in. Because of weather conditions, times of day and season, your bass fishing tackle might very well change from day to day and from hour to hour. This is called being adaptable, and the pros will tell you that it’s imperative if you’re going to be successful. Even professional golfers will switch clubs if it’s windier than they imagined, and pro football players will change shoes depending on the conditions of the turf. To think that you can just pack a certain few items of bass fishing tackle and this is going to suit you all the time is not going to work.

Learn to Use It

Of course the best bass fishing tackle in the world isn’t going to work if you don’t know how to get it in the water and how to retrieve it. Work on your casts and your netting skills so that you can get the fish to your lure, and the fish in your boat once you’ve done that. This means practicing even when you’re not in the water, such as in your backyard at night.