A Florida vacation sounds good to just about anyone at anytime. Needless to say, if you’re reading this during the cold winter months, you might be able to head out the doorway immediately! But just before you go, think about heading off into the best bass fishing lakes in Florida and making your vacation one you’ll always remember. With just a bit of guidance and know-how you can find some great spots for your needs as well as your family.

John’s Lake is among the best bass fishing lakes in Florida, according to many who fish there. Fishermen report that you can use a number of lures when fishing here, from rattle traps to lures. There is lots of cover, from thick grasses and reeds to submerged trees and branches. There are lots of docks for both boat launching and shore fishing. John’s Lake is just one of the best places for almost any fishermen trying to find the challenge of locating the big fish.

Lake Kissimmee is additionally one of the best bass fishing lakes in Florida and a favorite among vacationers. While it lost many of its larger bass in the past couple of years because of over-fishing, they have been steadily returning in recent times and has returned this lake to everyone’s favorite list. Lake Kissimmee is also good for those who have a family that they’re bringing along with them, as there’s a lot of places in and all over the lake area that are perfect for other excursions, not just fishing.

Another of the best bass fishing lakes in Florida is Lake George. This lake too can be fished using a variety of lures and bait. It has a decent amount of cover along the shorelines and typically yields some of the best bass sizes. Virtually any type of lure can be used on this lake. Lake George may be the second largest of the bass fishing lakes in Florida and has always been a favorite among veteran fishermen, but because of its size holds little danger of being over-fished.

The largest of the bass fishing lakes in Florida is Lake Okeechobee, which borders western Palm Beach and Martin counties. There are lots of marsh grasses in and around the lake, along with smaller islands and bays that provide excellent areas for bass. While Okeechobee is hard to say, it is easy to find and an excellent spot for anyone and everyone that loves the water.

One of the beautiful components of the state of Florida is the fact that water in and around this state provides enough growth of reeds along with other cover that bass love the area and flourish. Rarely do any of the lakes get completely fished out. Needless to say this might be just a partial list of the greatest bass fishing lakes in Florida. If you be lucky enough to find a lake that is perfect for you and your fishing, then keep with it. Your favorite spot only needs to work for you; it doesn’t need to make anyone else’s favorite list.