In case you are thinking of a vacation that will involve some Texas bass fishing, you are in for some beautiful weather, beautiful water, and beautiful fish. Because of the wide variety of lakes and rivers that the Lone Star state offers, you will find all sorts of varieties of bass virtually anywhere – if you know where to look. And there’s a lot of excursions and vacation companies that offer packages for Texas bass fishing, so all the guesswork has been taken out of trying to plan your vacation.

Lake Corpus Christi is certainly one great place for Texas bass fishing. This lake offers isolated beds of water stargrass, American pondweed, coontail, cattail, rushes, water lettuce, and high densities of water hyacinth, all of these make for great places for bass to cover up. Aided by the city being so close, you are able to either stay in a cabin by of the lake or get into the town when you are ready to get cleaned up and see some sights.

Another great place for Texas bass fishing, and not that far from Corpus Christi, is Lake Houston. Lake Houston has various flooded terrestrial and native emergent plants along with exotic species of water hyacinth, alligatorweed, and water lettuce, and sports largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, bluegill, and all sorts of catfish. While blue catfish will be the predominant species, the lake is definitely filled with bass and rarely over-fished. It is one of the premiere areas for Texas bass fishing.

Lake Texana has 9,000 acres of deep blue water and is a good location for Texas bass fishing. Lake Texana contains stands of water hyacinth, hydrilla, coontail, spikerush, cattail, pondweed, bull’s tongue, pickerel weed, and duckweed. There are several varieties of bass available, in addition to crappie and even sunfish. Blue catfish are abundant, as are striped bass. The big varieties of water hyacinth provide many places of cover in which the bass are going to congregate. Lake Texana is a favorite spot for Texas bass fishing among the locals, but bring a wide variety of lures because of the change of conditions and presentation for the lake.

Lake Sheldon is also near the Houston area and has a large amount of water hyacinth for cover, making it another great place for Texas bass fishing. Not only will you see many bass but also bluegill, crappie, and sunfish. Fishing in this lake is through pole and line only; there are several state limits so seek the advice of the license granter.

If you are looking for vacation spots down south, these are just a couple of places where you could find great Texas bass fishing. Because the state is really so close to fresh water it offers many lakes and rivers which are constantly being fed with new crops of bass all of the time. If you are searching for a great vacation which involves some great fishing, then you are in luck. You’ll need not look any further than this excellent state along with its wide variety of fishing options.