It is a new game with different rules when you go tepid water fly fishing because the species will attack and react differently as compared to fish typically caught on flies in colder water. Most fly fishing relates to trout or salmon since the techniques are similar, as they normally are very aggressive feeders. With some of the fish present in warm water, fly fishing is an different experience even if you have caught them on regular casting tackle in past times.

Some of the species that can be caught on flies include large mouth and small mouth bass, crappies and blue gills along with rock bass. While bass have a track record of violent strikes, their mouths are considerably tougher than many other types of fish and that makes it tough to set a hook deep enough to insure an excellent catch. When warm water fly fishing for bass, the best technique is always to keep the tip of your rod pointed at the fly at all times.

A straight pull could be the simplest way to set the hook in a bass, even though raising the rod tips works with traditional casting equipment, with flies this will only succeed in giving the fish a grip with it mouth, enabling it to let go and swim away at any time. If you attempt warm water fly fishing for bass, deer hair tied flies will be the best to use but a wooly bugger or a muddler minnow also can bring success.

Pan Fish Offer More Fun And Excitement

While many argue that bass of every variety can offer a great meal, pan fish such as blue gill and crappies not only taste good, when it comes to sport of an excellent fight, even smaller pan fish can set up a great battle. If you go warm water fly fishing and they are in the mood for crappies, try a streamer fly.

Crappies prefer a diet of minnows and using streamers can easily trick them into believing they are generally in for a treat. Crappies are seldom leery of the sight of a leader as are trout, and using a soft 10-pound leader can deal with your casting. Fishing from the shore could be done when there is enough space for casting but thinking about the deeper waters you’ll be fishing for crappies wading will probably be out of the question. Casting from a boat is probably your very best bet.