In case you are thinking about spending some time in Tennessee bass fishing, then you’re in luck. Tennessee is a beautiful state with a few amazing lakes and rivers which are not only perfect for bass fishing but are just downright stunning to look at as well. The weather is usually beautiful as well, and there are many guided tours you can take along a lot of those rivers or lakes if you’re so inclined. If you believe that Tennessee bass fishing may meet your needs, check out some great places to consider.

Tim’s Ford Lake covers over 10,000 acres of not just lake area but creeks, islands, inlets, boat docks, and some 240 miles of shore. There are several varieties of bass that are present in this lake, from smallmouth, largemouth, striped, hybrids, spotted, and even walleyes and crappies as well. This might be one place you will not want to miss during your Tennessee bass fishing vacation. Tim’s Ford Lake is between Tullahoma and Manchester and it is well known to the locals. There’s a lot of places where you can stay in town, or you have to save some money during your Tennessee bass fishing vacation, you can try a cabin along the shore as there are many to select from.

The Woods Reservoir is another great place to take your Tennessee bass fishing vacation. This reservoir covers close to 4,000 acres and has some 65 miles of shoreline. Because it’s shallower than usual, there are many areas of weeds and grass beds, along with submerged logs and other cover that provide a good location for bass to congregate. Woods Reservoir is renowned for its smallmouth population but it has many other varieties as well.

Another great Tennessee bass fishing location is Normandy Lake, also near the town of Manchester. This lake covers just over 3,000 acres and provides 72 miles of shoreline. Since it is narrower it fishes something similar to a river in most areas. There is a lot of cover along the shoreline for finding bass, along with crappie and walleye. There are not that many resort cottages along this lake, but there are many places to stay in the city of Manchester that could make your Tennessee bass fishing vacation one to keep in mind.

One of the best aspects of a Tennessee bass fishing vacation, irrespective of where you end up, is the fact that the state itself can be so beautiful that your whole family is bound to enjoy themselves no matter whether or not they love the sport of fishing as much as you do. There are plenty of places to use hiking, tubing, canoeing, or sightseeing, and you can find larger cities and distractions not that far from any bass fishing lake.

If you wish to plan a Tennessee bass fishing vacation just on your own or perhaps you have a picky family to please, you’re sure to find a myriad of choices which are great for you and anyone else you may need to accommodate in this beautiful state of Tennessee.