Telescopic fishing rods are manufactured from exactly the same materials as standard one- or two-piece fishing rods. Graphite and fiberglass or composites of those components are used to make telescopic fishing rods. They are simply designed to slide into one another so they can be opened and closed.

Telescopic fishing rods are made to collapse right down to a shorter length. They can expand to a rod as long as 30 ft. They can also close to as small as a foot and a half. This will make the fishing rods super easy to transport to remote fishing areas that a fisherman would have to hike to. You will be able to fish in waters that few people are able to reach. You can also more easily transport your fishing rod on public transportation like buses, subways and airplanes..

Taking care of telescopic fishing rods is a very similar to other fishing rods. The only real variation being that you will need to not open up the telescopic fishing rod in way that whips a closed fishing rod to the open position quickly. Whipping a telescopic fishing rod open could and most likely will make it be challenging to shut.