There are several fly fishing clubs in South Florida, several of which offer guided tours which help novice members find out about the sport of fly fishing.

The main benefit of becoming a member of a South Florida fly fishing club could be the knowledge shared among all members of the various clubs. The clubs can be competitive or non-competitive; however, the emphasis is on sharing the experiences, knowledge, and information related to the sport of fly fishing.

Some South Florida fly fishing clubs are family-oriented, in that family members automatically become associate club members, and as such, are allowed to take part in many club events, including outings and competitions. Many South Florida fly fishing clubs were founded two or three decades ago, and they are still in existence because of their popularity and renown.

Specialization of South Florida Fly Fishing Clubs

South Florida fly fishing clubs are based in different cities throughout South Florida, and therefore, their specialization is highly associated with the environment surrounding these cities. For example, some South Florida fly fishing clubs focus on flats and backcountry fly fishing, others on mangrove fly fishing, and yet others on salt or fresh water fly fishing.

South Florida fly fishing clubs also accommodate the different preferences of the numerous members, which could vary from fly tying to fly casting, poling flats, plugging mangrove shorelines, and so forth.

Benefits Offered by South Florida Fly Fishing Clubs

The fishing clubs of South Florida offer many benefits to their members, and also the most significant ones are pre-planned fishing schedules. These fishing schedules are often times based not just in one period of the year, but on the tide and targeted fish species.

For members who would like to schedule their particular trips, the South Florida fly fishing clubs offer weather and tide information, as well as a summary of popular fishing spots around South Florida.

Competitive anglers will find that the South Florida fly fishing clubs offer opportunities to take part in numerous competitions and contests, all of which are awarded in special banquets or ceremonies.

For non-competitive members, the different clubs offer trips and excursions to various areas of South Florida, along with the chance to take part in fund raising events, or taking part in community events, such as helping the Boy Scouts to make fly fishing merit badges or providing workshops and tutorials for novice anglers.

Price of membership varies from club to club, but the fees collected each year help cover club expenses, such as the cost of outings along with other events. However, the yearly membership fees do not cover the cost of all expenses, so for this reason, many South Florida fly fishing clubs do ask their members to take part in fun and engaging fund raising events.