Although in America, fly fishing is often most associated with inland rivers fishing for freshwater fish, there is a certain appeal to saltwater fly fishing. Whether you’re looking to fish on local shores or if perhaps you’re looking to enjoy some fly fishing in a more exotic location for instance the beaches of Mexico or perhaps the Caribbean, saltwater fly fishing could be just as fun and rewarding, while providing its own unique challenges. However, if you’re familiar with fishing inland, then you have some preparations in order to make the saltwater fly fishing trip.

Get An Innovative New Rod

In general, the game you’re trying to find in saltwater fly fishing will weigh more than in freshwater fishing. This is why, you’ll need a rod that can handle a heavier-weight line. Begin looking with 9-weight rods to ensure that you’ll have something which can handle the longer casts and heavier weights that your particular saltwater fish will require. Tailor your rod and line into the fish that you’re trying to catch; if you’re going out into deep water to hook something big, you may need a heavy 15-weight rod and line.

Buy The Right Reel

Just as you’ll need a rod and line that’s right for saltwater fly fishing, additionally, you will need an good reel when it comes to the sport, as well. Salt water has corrosive properties, if you don’t want your reel to rust following the very first time out, then look for one made with all parts made up of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or anodized aluminum. That is particularly important if you’re intending to go saltwater fly fishing in warm waters, where the corrosion will happen even faster.

Rent A Boat

Even if you’re not planning to opt for the biggest fish out there, you’ll need to rent a boat for saltwater fly fishing. Unlike inland fishing, where you could have great luck fishing along the shore of a river, you’ll wish to get out from shore a little ways to be able to have some success with saltwater fishing. You don’t have to be too fancy about your boat; while an elegant yacht would certainly be impressive, even a simple rowboat will do if that’s all you have. For something that’s inexpensive but useful, a 15-foot sailboat with some kind of protection in the event of bad weather will work great. So, with the purchase of a heavy rod and line, a corrosion-resistant reel, as well as the rental of a great boat, you’ll have a few of the basics for your saltwater fly fishing trip.