Are you one of those types of individuals who get hooked on salmon fishing? Who can blame you for that? Almost all of salmon fishing experts either began to learn fishing at an early age or have learned to fish just a few years ago. And do you know what they say about salmon fishing? When they have tried it, they get hooked on it. So, how’s your salmon fishing? Were you able to catch your limit?

Actually, if your not used to this, shall we say, pastime and you don’t catch as many salmon as other fishermen do, then I guess you’ll need a lot more than practice. You can also use some salmon fishing tips to help you. But before we go to salmon fishing tips, you must know first what a salmon likes and dislikes. By knowing these things it will help you catch them.

Salmon like cloudy water with plenty of plankton or other particles to keep them hidden from their predators. Simply put, you can seldom locate them in clear waters, unless they get hungry. Almost certainly they show up at nighttime and before daybreak. They prefer large baits, that is about 5-7 in. They don’t like warm water. They only appear in warm water in order to feed. They hate calm water with plenty of boats, especially the king salmon. They would prefer choppy waters.

After knowing what salmon like and dislike, you probably have a little idea on what to anticipate and what you should do. Now, you’re able to discover more of this salmon fishing tips. Just about the most important salmon fishing tips which you should learn is attracting salmon with your bait or lure. The action of the bait can attract the attention of salmon and if you’ve got good rolling and erratic action, you’ll have greater chance of attracting salmon and catching them. Know also the type of food they feed, whether they eat anchovies, herring, or squid, while making your bait look injured. The moment a salmon hits on the bait or lure, it thinks of dinner. The greater amount of your bait looks like wounded and struggling, the greater it receives the attention of salmon.

One of the most important salmon fishing tips is keeping your hooks sharp just as much as possible. Sounds obvious, but the majority fishermen overlook this issue. Now, in case your concern is getting the bigger guys, especially the Chinook salmon, and you also can’t catch any, it’s probably as they are disturbed with your boat’s noise. Actually, king salmon aren’t bothered with boats, but there are times that they are. Should this be the situation, have your bait or lure 50–60 feet behind your boat and 20-25 feet down.

Now you have discovered some useful salmon fishing tips, all you have to do is make use of them to see whenever you can catch more salmon this time. Also, don’t be reluctant to acquire some more fishing tips from other fishermen who are experts with this hobby. It will probably help a lot!