You have gone to plenty of places known for salmon fishing to pursue your preferred pastime, but have you even tried salon fishing in Maine? Well, you better try it some time, especially if you are trying to find a salmon fishing adventure. Whether you are going for trolling, spin-casting, or fly flying, you may be certain to experience great salmon fishing in Maine at East Grand Lake.

East Grand Lake is 22-mile long and has a lot to offer for fishing activities since it is famous not just for landlocked salmon, but also lake trout fishing, and smallmouth bass. Some reasons that made salmon fishing in Maine such a fantastic fishing destination include low intensity fishing, quality water and the structure of East Grand Lake, and the abundance of small fish from which salmon feed. In other words, you are guaranteed an abundant source of salmon to catch, since they don’t starve. As an end result, you’re able to catch trophy-sized game salmon any time of the year.

Little known to most fishermen, East Grand Lake provides some of the best salmon fishing in Maine. Within the past few years, the lake has produced salmon weighing over eight pounds and most importantly it is possible for you to catch 15 to 30 legal salmon in just a day’s fishing, something that you can’t easily find somewhere else. What could be better than that? In that way, you’ll have an entire day of fun and excitement. Do you think you fish 15-30 salmon each day? If your limit is in that range, might as well spend your salmon fishing in Maine.

Take note for the salmon fishing season in Maine which starts in late April and lasts until June in order for you will be making your plans in front of some time reserve for a fishing vacation. However, throughout the summer where the water is warmer, particularly in the months of July and August, salmon tend to go much deeper into the lake as they hate warm waters. Therefore, you have to do something if you’d like to hook them. The preferred salmon fishing technique during these months is drift fishing, where you use a lead-core line or downriggers. Also, you can utilize streamer flies, wobblers and minnows since live smelts are not available in warmer months.

So long as you are able to hang on to your cravings for salmon fishing, warmer months will surely measure you patience. So, when you don’t have a long stretch of patience, hold back until cooler months come. In September, salmon fishing in Maine is back in action where inside you will likely not need to do extra efforts or develop certain fishing techniques just to boat some salmon. Remember to have your reservation earlier and choose the cooler months so that you’ll have just as much good time as possible.