Is it be possible to satisfy your passion for fishing as well as at the same time feel relaxed with beautiful panoramic scenery? Of course, it’s possible! You don’t have to look at waters… and lots of waters, rocks and little trees only. You deserve a lot more than that for any fishing trip, unless, of course, if you are into fishing competition. It’s possible to have the opportunity to enjoy fishing and revel in stunning landscapes as well. Did I hear you say where? Well, Salmon fishing in Ireland will answer all that!

If you are searching for high quality salmon fishing with a really impressive surrounding, Delphi, Ireland is where you should go. Salmon fishing in Ireland takes you to Delphi where the fun and excitement of fishing and relaxation are combined into one package. Delphi offers fishermen a wide selection of salmon fishing on an incredible river and on some wonderful lakes. You can also take the whole family with you to this fishing place to have fun with the fishing activity or take pleasure in the place, or both.

When it comes to accommodation, there’s an extraordinary lodge, which is widely recognized for its impressive setting, great sumptuous food, wide array of wine, lovely rooms, and relaxing atmosphere which anybody can be pleased with. If you prefer, there are also five attractive rental cottages on Delphi estate that you could check out, especially for those independent travelers. Comfort while you travel can be as important as your fascination with fishing, which is the reason why salmon fishing in Ireland are designed the intention that everybody has fun throughout their entire stay.

Crystal clear rivers and lakes are a perfect place to spend your day salmon fishing in Ireland, Delphi in particular. The two main salmon lakes, Finlough and Doolough, can both be swarming with salmon any time in salmon fishing season. Some salmon fishing could be carried out in Glencullin Lough and Townyard Lough. The season of salmon fishing in Ireland will last from early February to September. You can actually fish anytime during the entire season. So, if you’d like to get your share of catch, remember to plan your fishing trip anytime in those months.

For a total exciting salmon fishing trip in Ireland, you’re go to Delphi and you can stay for a week or even more, time enough to obtain the almost all of what the place has got to offer. Almost all of the visitors of Delphi with the agenda same as yours, normally take a week long vacation and avail all-inclusive packages. Shorter stay could be possible, nevertheless they always prioritize people who wish to stay for a week or more.