Are you an experienced fishing enthusiast or just starting to learn about this exciting outdoor activity? If you know about fishing you must have heard about salmon fishing in B.C. If you think of British Columbia, the very first thing that might come on the mind probably is salmon fishing. Who can blame you for that? Salmon fishing in B.C. is extremely popular and known throughout the world because you can find several types of salmon along with other fish, like steelhead and trout, on the rivers of Fraser River and Harrison River.

Salmon fishing in B.C. on the Fraser River is really what most sports anglers all over the world refer to as the Fishing Paradise. It can be so, considering that the fantastic river is popular for its huge runs of pacific salmons. Through the many different species of salmon, such as sockeye, Chinook, Coho, chum, and pink salmon, you always have something to angle for. You won’t go back home without a fish to hold and a picture of you with a smile that could reach from ear to ear.

Here are the various salmon species in B.C. that almost all of the visiting anglers are interested in:

Chinook or King Salmon will be the largest of the many salmon species, which can grow to over 50 lbs. They may be very strong fighters, therefore make certain your arms are strong enough to get hold for these big guys.

Coho Salmon fishing in B.C. is frequently a way of life on the local rivers throughout the fall with huge runs coming in from the rain-filled rivers. Chum salmon fishing in B.C. will be the most abundant during the fall and loads of local anglers find them a nuisance, especially when they are seeking for more specific species.

Pink salmon are unique species that run on odd years. For instance, they can show up every 2 yrs, These are the form of salmons who bite and are taken on the fly and other methods.

Sockeye salmon could be super fighters, they are the kinds who tend to show acrobatic antics when caught, which in some ways entertain anglers.

The different species is one of the factors why British Columbia rings a bell to many fishing enthusiasts, whether professionals or amateurs alike. You could be one of these and in case you are, see to it that you come during the right time for fishing season. The months of July and August would be the best times of salmon fishing in B.C. So, make certain you have prepared yourself for some action in case your targets would be the species that are expected to be ready for battles, such as sockeyes.