Penn fishing reels started out with tackle creator Otto Henze. When he was 25 years old he . He began working for the Ocean City Reels Company that was based in Philadelphia.In 1932, Henze quit his employment and started his sport fishing equipment company. He named it the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company. The manufacturing facility was modest and it had been situated in one third floor attic in Philadelphia.

All Penn fishing reels contain the very best modern-day components that you might want on your angling excursions. The Penn reel company has all types of fishing reels imaginable. The frames of the Penn fishing reels are made from graphite. Graphite is light weight but strong and it doesn’t corrode. This can be a essential component when you truly desire to choose a quality fishing reel. The other components such as the ball bearings are manufactured from stainless steel and simply requires care to avoid rust.

Penn fishing reels are actually understood for their high quality fishing reels for quite some time. Based on buyers who’ve used them Penn fishing reels are among the best products available.