It’s thought by some, perhaps the most experienced of bass fishermen, that peacock bass fishing is among the most challenging experiences that any fisherman may have. Peacock bass are a very special and exotic breed of bass, known for their fighting abilities and aggressive styles. Peacock bass fishing calls for finesse in your casts and abilities to retrieve unlike anything in any other type of fishing. So if you think you’re up to the task, here’s some good information on peacock bass fishing that you should think about just before you set off.

Location of Peacock Bass

First of all, keep in mind that peacock bass are native to South and Central America only. You’re not going to find then in your usual bass fishing haunts. The Amazon Basin is a popular spot for peacock bass fishing and many fishing excursions are available up and down the Amazon River. The Araca Camp is certainly one such place in Brazil. This is certainly built around the pursuit of peacock bass. They normally use safari style tents built right by the river. They are surrounded by the Araca Mountains while making a great vacation spot for any one.

Rods and Equipment for Peacock Bass Fishing

Because peacock bass are incredibly aggressive, you will need to keep this in your mind if you select a rod. A tip flex, high modular graphite rod is best, at 10 to 11 weight. It requires plenty of backbone to battle the peacock bass without snapping. They’ll also need to be longer than usual, at least 8-1/2 feet.

Because they’re so aggressive, you’ll need larger and wind resistant flies. You will also need substantial pressure when peacock bass fishing or else they’ll get lost in the underwater obstructions which are common in the South and Central America rivers.

Keep in mind that some peacock bass can be 20 pounds or more, so that you need reels and line which are appropriate. Topwater lures perform best for peacock bass fishing, and they’ll typically bite at them whatever the time of day. Walking baits are also popular options and work well if you “walk the dog,” as you should with peacocks. Poppers also work well, particularly the smaller ones with undersized hooks and hardware.

Virtually any bait you would use for regular bass would work well for peacock bass fishing; you simply must know how exactly to work the lure pertaining to the way the peacock bass will respond to it.

Try Your Hand

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should consider a trip down south. Many who have tried it say that peacock bass fishing is virtually addictive and obsessive. They fight like no other fish they’ve ever encountered. Finding them in parts of the Amazon River is a challenge unlike any other kind of fishing. The trip itself is amazing; exotic places in remote mountains. So why not try your hand at it? You will be glad you did.