Spreading over 22,300 square miles and with the deepest depth at 925 ft, Lake Michigan deservedly has the right to be called the Water Wonderland. It’s hardly a surprise that salmon game fishing is a highly pursued sport within these way-more-than-cool waters.

Yes, Lake Michigan is freezing. At 55ºF to 70ºF, only the most jaded bather may take a dip in its artic glacier fed waters. However for its haughty frostiness, this Great Lake’s presence is “warmly” received. Warm on winter and cool on the summer, it is a phenomenon known as the Lake Effect. Suffice to say Lake Michigan is warmly received for salmon fishing.

The commerce on Lake Michigan relies heavily on recreational fishing, representing an estimated $4 billion on salmon, smelt, whitefish, walleye and lake trout. Its expansive waters home several species of marine life. Lake Michigan salmon fishing is even rewarding on the salmon off-seasons, with non-migratory salmon species providing a great off season game for anglers.

Are you currently heading for Lake Michigan salmon fishing? Going off season or no? Whichever you choose, always employ the help of expert guides to heighten your chances of taking home something, even a King. Here are several expert anglers you can ask for assistance.

Brother Nature and Captain Mike Schoonveld Website: http://www.brightsites.com/brother-nature/ Call toll free: 877-725-6665

Capt. Mike started his fishing career as a sports angler in 1969 and that’s a truly fantastic length of time. Now, Capt. Mike hires his expertise to those who are willing to employ his services. He offers tutorials on salmon fishing basics aboard his boat Brother Nature.

Capt. Mike’s expertise on salmon even extends to the gastronomic level. Wondering how you’re planning to prepare your catch for the day? Check the Brother Nature Recipes to see what can be done with your catch. Umm, Bon Appetit!

Ludington Area Charterboat Association/ Fishing Ludington Website: http://www.ludingtoncharterboats.org/bod.html Call toll free: 1-800-927-3470

Fishing Ludington is a collection of several fishing expertise. Why? Over 60 member captains have enlisted on Fishing Ludington and every has decades of experience tied to their belt.

Tough pick wouldn’t it. Don’t worry. Just click on the tagged names as well as the personal profile that includes area expertise plus contact details should show up. This is certainly personalized guide service.

Concerned about a fruitless Lake Michigan salmon fishing? Try Brother Nature with Captain Mike Schoonveld. That’s probably the most personalized Lake Michigan salmon fishing trip you’re able to arrange. If you want a more tailored expertise, then Ludington Area Charterboat Association needs to have someone who can detail a guide for your needs.