Have you always liked fishing? How about catching a 40-lb king salmon or one that is even bigger? Yes, that’s just what you’ll get when you opt for king salmon fishing. But, where precisely is it possible to find an adventure that way? Well, there are plenty of places you’re able to opt for king salmon fishing, like Alaska for example. Then, there’s California, New York, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada, just to name a few!

But, it is in Alaska that the biggest king salmon was ever caught and recorded so far, weighing over 96 pounds caught into the Kenai River. What about that? Actually, of this top ten king salmon records, nine of them were taken in the Kenai River. It has made Alaska known all over the world, though other places have their share of fame with regards to king salmon fishing. Many fishing professionals and sport anglers alike go to Alaska in hope of catching king salmon, spring salmon, or Chinook salmon, whatever you call it.

What makes king salmon fishing very challenging is the fact that they are the biggest of their kind, which is Pacific salmon, hence they are called king salmon! The Alaska king salmon spend between two to five years into the ocean, so their size greatly varies. The average size of salmon in Alaska is approximately 20 pounds, although king salmon in the Kenai River normally weigh in the fifty pound range. If you happen to spend your fishing trip in Alaska, you’ll notice that hardly any other forms of salmon draw as much attention as king salmon do, which happen to be the official State Fish of Alaska.

Hooking and landing a big king salmon is the dream of every fisherman and angler who goes to the Kenai River in Alaska. Starting in early May and going on to August, many fisherman, whether professionals or first-timers, try to make that dream a reality and go for king salmon that have great power and grace. Didn’t you, too, ever wish to catch your very own trophy salmon? If so, don’t hesitate to follow your dream and join those fishing enthusiasts and try your luck.

For beginners, king salmon fishing may be too much for you, but here are some things you need to know. After hooking, you may possibly battle the fish for over half one hour because your salmon swims away very fast downriver, so you should be ready for a wild ride of your entire fishing experience. Also, make sure that your arms are strong enough to hold huge and heavy king salmon. You don’t want your arms from their sockets before you get your hands on your own catch, do you realy?

King salmon fishing whether in Alaska or in some other place, is considered to be a chance of a lifetime, particularly if you hooked a record breaker one. King salmon fishing is absolutely power fishing at its best! So, take up the challenge, face the fight you’ve been getting ready for and go get your trophy salmon!