Kenai, Kasilof, Tustumena Lake, the areas of Kenai Peninsula Borough achieved universal acclaim with Mr. Lester Anderson and his 1985 catch of a record King salmon. And overnight, professional anglers, regulars and beginning anglers have started almost regularly for fishing expeditions in Alaskan waters to test their luck for similar prizes.

To this day, the Kenai River remains a salmon hotspot. Particularly in the western Kenai peninsula and also the Tustumena Lake where swarms of salmon, Kings and Silvers often migrate to these open water sheds to spawn. Fishing is especially good on certain seasons so it’s highly improbable that anyone would return empty-handed. Knowing when the salmon run would not hurt, especially when returning with a heavier wicker basket than the peer.

Do you know when you should arrange a Kenai or Kasilof salmon fishing? Here’s the data regarding fishing success over Kenai and Kasilof areas. Study these facts before arranging your Kasilof salmon fishing.

1st run Kasilof Kings – strong during last week of May to 3rd week of June, moderate presence on early May and late June to early July

2nd run Kasilof Kings – strong in the 2nd to last week of July, moderate presence from mid-June to early July.

Kasilof Sockeyes – strong during a week ago of June to 3rd week of July, moderate presence on mid-June and last part on July to early August

Kasilof Silvers – strong during the 2nd week to 3rd week of August, moderate on last part of July to early August as well as the a week ago of August

Kenai is favorably known because it has the longest salmon presence than some other components of Alaska. The following is the salmon data on Kenai River.

1st run Kenai Kings – strong during 2nd to 3rd week of June, moderate presence from 2nd week May to early components of June

2nd run Kenai Kings – strong during 2nd to last week of July, moderate presence on early July

Kenai Sockeyes – strong during the last week of June and 3rd to a week ago of July, moderate presence on early June, early July and early August

As you’re able see, Kasilof salmon fishing is especially rewarding on June and July with heavy salmon presence, while Kenai offers an extended moderate presence of salmon. Work your fishing expeditions during peak runs but make every effort to book early. For those who have access to this Kenai and Kasilof Salmon Fishing Chart, so would others.

Having some problems with arranging a Kasilof Salmon Fishing Tour? Here are some fishing charters whose expertise on the go I am able to strongly recommend.

King of the River Website: Call them at: 1-800-478-9901

Alaskan Fishing Website: Call them at: 800-548-3474