Fly fishing continues to be a technique of successful fishing for centuries. Some credit the English Isles with being the birth place of this method but there’s a lot of other places that have historical documentation of fly fishing. Men in history soon became aware that fish like to eat flies and that catching the fish may be successful in the event that the fly could be imitated. What probably began as an exercise of necessity soon became a fun sport. There’s nothing more rewarding than spending each day on the water fishing for the night’s dinner. Both women and men of all walks of life have found the sport of fly fishing very enjoyable.

Great Places To Go Fly Fishing

Probably the most popular places to use fly fishing has been in the northwest United States Of America and in western Canada. These areas provide many mountain rivers and streams that are full of trout, salmon and other species that are great fun to catch with fly equipment. One particular river in Montana, the Madison River, was made particularly famous in the movie “A River Runs Through It.” This river and the surrounding area is very typical of this northwest fishing opportunity.

Another great destination to fly fish in the United States would be the New England rivers. Rivers in Connecticut, New York City, and the other New England states have been fly fished for years with great success. Some of these rivers have undergone a lot of environmental clean up to fix damage done to them in the 1900’s. By using these environmental efforts the fish species have been restored to once more provide great sporting opportunities. It is great to understand that most of the funds paid for licensing goes to help retain the natural beauty and balance of the waters.

There are additionally many other opportunities for great fly fishing all over the world. England, Germany, Austria and other European countries have waters which boast great histories in the area of fly fishing. New Zealand is yet another country with good fishing opportunities. This beautiful island nation also offers the advantage of being in the southern hemisphere so avid fisherman from northern countries may have a delightful winter vacation taking advantage of the brand new summer.

When a person has the opportunity to spend some time fly fishing it is sure to be rewarding. The good thing about the different locations is followed by the great excitement of having a fish on the line which is simply indescribable. Fly fishing is truly a sport to be enjoyed by all.