Fly fishing is a sport that seems to date back as far as the time of the Roman Empire, which makes it one of the most ancient sports that we know of today. Fly fishing is still a popular sport today, one that can not only get you out of the house and enjoying the outdoors, but one that can net you a few good meals if you do your fishing right. But unless you’ve got a friend willing to be patient with you, it might take some time to pick up this sport. However, you can quickly get up to speed on this sport by attending fly fishing schools and learning the basics. If you’re looking for some fly fishing vacations where you can learn about the sport, here are some great fly fishing schools:


If you’re in the Southern United States, you’re in luck when looking for fly fishing schools, with Whitlocks’ Fly Fishing School, located in the Arkansas Ozarks. With over 30 years of fly fishing under their belts, this husband and wife team offers both small, 8-person classes as well as individual instruction. If the personal attention and the experience that the Whitlocks provide were not enough, then consider the location: the White River, considered to be a great location for trophy trout fishing. With all this going for it, it’s no wonder that Whitlocks’ Fly Fishing School was chosen as the best school by Outside magazine in 2002.

California School Of Fly Fishing

For those who are out west, the California School of Fly Fishing might be something closer to what you’re looking for. Offering individual instruction from Ralph and Lisa Cutter, this pair boasts credentials that include induction into the Northern California Federation of Fly Fishers Hall of Fame for both Cutters. They take great pride in their quality instruction, with Lisa personally boasting of 80% of her clients coming from referrals. So if you’re looking to go fly fishing in California, this is one of the best fly fishing schools you can visit.

Women’s Fly Fishing Schools

For those seeking a far north locale, Alaska hosts the Women’s Fly Fishing school, which not only boasts of beautiful locations outside of Anchorage, Alaska, but provides a great, supportive environment for women to learn the sport. Like most fly fishing schools, they offer both full classes and private instruction. So if you have a daughter or wife who is interested in this sport, but perhaps not comfortable learning from one of the boys, then this is the school for you. So, from the cold regions of Alaska to the warmer areas in Arkansas, these are just a few of the fly fishing schools everywhere that can get you into this sport.