If you are into fly fishing and enjoying the beauty of nature, going north of this border into Canada can be a great idea. Boasting of tons of natural lakes and waterways as well as large spaces of nearly-unpopulated land, Canada could be the spot to go. The province of Ontario in particular, offers great fishing. For those looking to do fly fishing in Ontario, however, it will help to learn locations to go to be able to find fish. Check out ideas for all those looking for fly fishing in Ontario:

The Great Lakes

The most obvious places to go fly fishing in Ontario is on the Great Lakes, which provide the avid fly fisherman a lot of opportunities for deep-water fishing. From Lake Ontario, from where the province takes its name, to Lake Superior on the western end of the province, any one of these simple lakes provide great opportunities for fly fishing in Ontario. While these large bodies of water could make finding fish seem like a tough thing to accomplish, understanding local water conditions and the spawning seasons for the fish you’re looking for. Take a boat, grab a guide and heavy-weight rod, and you’ll soon be catching big fish in the Great Lakes!

Fly-In Fishing

One great option for fly fishing in Ontario is always to take exactly what are known as fly-in trips, where a company will use a little plane to take you to one of the numerous lakes dotting Ontario, well away from any sort of urban area. In many cases, these trips will take one to lakes where the only cabin is yours, not just providing you with a chance to enjoy fly fishing in Ontario wilderness, nevertheless the opportunity to do so without noise from other fishers or competition. If you want the thought of combining your fly fishing in Ontario with a camping experience that’s difficult to beat, then a fly-in trip is really what you want.


If you plan to do some sightseeing while you’re in Ontario, then Toronto can provide a mix of urban nightlife and fun fishing through the day. With nearby tributaries for Lake Ontario such as the Credit and Rouge Rivers, Toronto can provide an excellent base to start out with fly fishing in Ontario. One of several benefits to this sort of fishing trip is you can enjoy the Toronto skyline while casting your line out for pike and trout. As you can see, whether you head for urban environments or head when it comes to remote wilderness, there are opportunities everywhere for fly fishing in Ontario.