Manitoba is a province based in Canada, and it covers such an enormous expanse of territory, that it includes the prairie grasslands, the Artic tundra, as well as the marine coastline.

Fly fishing in Manitoba is a unique experience because of the existence of untouched wilderness present in remote locations right at the heart for the province. Such remote locations virtually assure the angler the requirement for canoes, portages to transport canoes between bodies of waters, hiking, and float tubing, all of which make fly fishing in Manitoba the adventure of a lifetime, particularly for anglers eager to experience nature at its wildest form.

Fly Fishing in Manitoba: Where and When

The Manitoba winters are quite long and cold, however, a few rivers, such as the Fairford River, do not completely freeze, thus allowing brave anglers to go out as soon as the temperature is relatively mild (above 0°C). Most anglers, however, hold back until the ice melts from most or all rivers and lakes, which tends to occur in late April or the beginning of May. The fly fishing season in Manitoba runs from ice-out (late April/beginning of May) to September.

The kind of fish that can be caught when fly fishing in Manitoba depends on the time of year and also the area; for example, ice-out could be the perfect time to catch trout. The lakes and rivers of all areas of Manitoba, except Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba, carry different types of trout, whereas Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba will also carry different types of bass, catfish, carp, and pike. There is a region in Northern Manitoba that can simply be accessed by air, where the river system known as God’s River is located, which assures the adventurous angler of trophy brook trout.

The dimensions of the fish caught when fly fishing in Manitoba also depends on the region for which the fish are caught. Anglers are able to find big trout in Western Manitoba, especially in the Parkland area. However, the largest of big fish (35 to 40 inches long) can be found in Winnipeg and surrounding area, especially in Lockport’s Red River.

The best place to Stay When Fly Fishing in Manitoba

Manitoba offers a vast number of lodges for anglers searching for adventure. Most, if not all, among these lodges have guides who take anglers to prime fly fishing spots. These lodges will also offer vacation packages and trophy fishing packages. Several of these lodges are accessible only by air, because of the remoteness of the location.