Fishing is one common pastime, and lots of really serious fishermen have a number of fishing rods. Good fishing rods are a costly expense so anglers wish to store them securely and safely. A straightforward wall wood fishing rod rack can be a great way to store your selection of fishing rods. A fishing rod rack eliminates the possibility of damage to your expensive fishing rods that might occur it they are just left in the corner. For people who have invested thousands of dollars in fishing rods, a rod rack is a necessity. They can also make a nice display in your home.

You can make a fishing rod rack of any wood you want to. If you are planning to have the fishing rod rack in your house, use a furniture grade wood like oak, mahogany or walnut so that you will have a more decorative rack. If you are planning to have your rack in the garage or a storage shed you can use more common construction grade woods. Another common place to have a fishing rod is in the back of your truck or on your boat.. If this is where you will have your fishing rod rack, you should use rot resistant, treated lumber. Before you do the actual construction of the fishing rod rack you should plan everything. Consider using rod rack plans that are available on the internet. Adjust the size to meet your own specific needs. Next you need to measure everything. If you are using an expensive piece of wood, you don’t want to cut wrong. When you are done, you will have a great fishing rod rack rather than having your fishing rods piled in the corner.