Although fibers made from glass could be followed back to the 1890s, Owens-Corning is acknowledged with the innovation of fiberglass in 1938. An American business called Narmco developed the very first hollowed out fiberglass fishing rod blanks back in 1946.

Graphite fishing rod blanks are constructed with carbon fiber composites made by the chemical industry by way of a long and expensive process. The composite is actually a material made from  carbon fibers strengthened by impregnating all of them with a polymer.

Many fishing rod businesses purchase their blanks from third party providers. It will require specialized, costly equipment and lots of expertise to produce high quality fishing rod blanks and you will find only a few firms that do this.

Great fishing rod blanks aren’t difficult to come by. You will find a wide array of rod blanks in an array of prices, sizes and styles. You can find bargains on ebay for fishing rod blanks for fishing rod building.