Daiwa Seiko Inc., the initial parent business of the Daiwa Corp., started in 1952 as being a fishing reel company in Tokyo, Japan. Daiwa continued the custom of offering the high quality reels and merchandise within the U.S. market.

The Daiwa firm is renowned for overall performance and invention that spans over the fishing community. Especially, Daiwa fishing tackle is especially fashionable. Obviously, overall performance is definitely a standard in angling, but Daiwa also concentrates on attractive style. The business started by making the spinning reel. Now, it makes everything from the rod, to fishing reels, to lines.

The Japanese giant Daiwa has become a standard in the fishing landscape since it was founded within the mid-fifties. High quality, creativity and excellent styles are what make Daiwa fishing reels essentially the most well-liked brand names among anglers these days.

Daiwa has become a choice within the angling market and has grown to become among the biggest tackle businesses on the planet. With operations in California, Daiwa has the capacity to service North America, Central and South America. Daiwa Fishing Reels happen to be noted for innovation and high quality since its beginning and has ended up being the standard with the fishing tackle marketplace