Heading out for some great Canada bass fishing? According to the time of year you choose to go, you definitely need to pack some warm clothes and boots! Canada can have some very beautiful weather during the summer, but is absolutely nothing to fool with during the winter. Temperatures can dip well below freezing on the best days.

But Canada bass fishing is still a treat. There are so many places in this beautiful country which are relatively untouched when it comes to civilization and buildings and there are many places where one can find huge schools of bass, and fish that are bigger than any you’ve probably ever seen before. And of course Canadians are recognized for their hospitality and welcoming attitude, particularly when it comes to those who are there for some great Canada bass fishing. Many places have been built up to cater to the fisherman of any ability.

Ontario is one premiere place for Canada bass fishing. Smallmouth bass teem in their 70,000 plus lakes and rivers. They have many luxury and out-of-the-way lodges which are fly-in only, meaning there aren’t any roads in or out. This leaves the bass in their lakes and rivers relatively untouched, so whether you’re trying to find trophy fish or just some great catch and release action, you’re going to find it in Ontario. Some lakes even have just one exclusive cabin all to themselves, meaning no neighbors anywhere! If you’re searching for the best in peaceful destinations, this type of Canada bass fishing excursion may not be beat.

Quebec even offers many resorts for whatever type of Canada bass fishing experience you’re trying to find. Through the Mooshead Lodge on Big Cedar Lake to your Mijocama Outfitters on Giles Lake, they usually have something for everyone, whether it’s a solitary retreat or a vacation for the whole family that you’re after. As the weather gets colder earlier in this province, they make certain that all guests feel warm and welcome along with their many vacation packages. If you want to bring along the wife and kids and they are simply not quite into the whole Canada bass fishing experience, there will certainly be something for everyone involved, whether it’s hiking or biking or sightseeing.

On the western side for the country, there is some great Canada bass fishing in Vancouver and northern British Columbia. Along the western coast you can find hundreds of small islands and channels for which bass love to congregate and school. Vancouver itself is a bustling city; you might even see a Hollywood movie being shot there, but much of British Columbia still remains untouched and a sportsman dream.

Whatever area of the country you’re enthusiastic about visiting, you’re sure to find some Canada bass fishing unlike any other. There’s a lot of lodges and resorts that range from luxury retreats to small fishing cabins, and everything in between. So if you think you’ve fished out all of the lakes and rivers into the U.S., have you thought to head north and try some Canada bass fishing next!