Professional or beginners alike have journeyed far north, to Alaska, to fish for the elusive king salmon. Canada is also a great fishing destination preferred by many fishing enthusiasts from around the globe. But, there is a secret very few individuals know about. Did you know that most productive king salmon fishing takes place in a small corner in Northern California around the towns of Redding and Anderson?

Well, you better believe it. The Sacramento River, or locally referred to as the Sac stretches for 384 miles. This makes California salmon fishing perfect. There was a historical account that there was a time when salmon runs were so think that you can walk in the back of fish to reach the other side of the river. But those were the days, the days of your grandfathers and grandfathers’ fathers. However, with all the effort of careful conservation and restoration projects, the river has regained its vitality as well as its constant visitors, the salmon fish!

The California salmon fishing in the Sacramento River is the place for you to catch an 88-lb Chinook or king salmon, which is currently a state record breaker. The fall run is the ideal time of the year to angle for these feisty fish. Actually, the Sacramento River, California salmon fishing season begins in the middle of July in the lower river and on the first of August for the upper part of the river. At that time salmon are there in small numbers. When September approaches, a big number of salmons start appearing, as though getting ready for an attack, battling upstream. By October, the highest peak of the fishing season, the salmon is in full force and the battles continue. By November and December, the 40 to 70-lb salmon start to appear.

By that time, you really can catch your dream of huge trophy fish and have your picture taken. Any huge fish caught definitely brings smiles to lips of angles who would not go fishing without a camera on hand, don’t you agree? And in case the weather permits, the Sacramento River, California salmon fishing season may continue until early January. That would mean you have got sufficient time to keep on trying your luck and break the state record of an 88-lb salmon. Are you be up for the challenge?

And since fishing, in general, takes skills and it takes a to boat an acrobatic salmon, which have a tendency to perform cartwheels when caught, it is much better if you learn from this activity and perfect it before you can dream of holding big salmon with a smile on your face and pose for picture taking, okay? Also, be sure your arms are strong enough just if you get lucky and now have a large salmon for a catch. You don’t want your arms out of their sockets, do you? Know that these preparations are needed if you’re after for California salmon fishing.