Most bass fisherman will say to you that there’s no vacation like Caddo Lake bass fishing. This beautiful state park in the heart of Texas is a bass fisherman’s dream become a reality. Caddo Lake was the state’s only natural lake until the early 1900’s. Because it once held a troup of soldiers nearby, there are many lodges and cabins that once served as army barracks in and around the area, making Caddo Lake bass fishing a favorite for anyone planning a long vacation that requires a place to stay near the lake.

There’s a lot of native aquatic plants that grow in and all over the lake, so Caddo Lake bass fishing is never boring. There are many naturally formed bayous and ponds in and all over the lake which bass love to congregate in and thrive. One thing is really for certain, due to the rough formation of the area, Caddo Lake bass fishing is never the same trip in spite of how many times you fish the lake!

Bass fishing isn’t the only thing to do around the lake; there is also camping, hiking, swimming, boating, canoe rentals, and pontoon boat tours every day. Naturalists can enjoy cypress trees, lotus, and lily pads, waterfowl, alligators, turtles, frogs, snakes, raccoons, minks, beavers, squirrels, armadillos, and white-tailed deer. Regardless of what you’re searching for by way of a good vacation, Caddo Lake bass fishing is perfect not just when it comes to fisherman but for the whole family as well, even the ones who hate to fish!

The park is open 7 days per week throughout the year, so there’s no need to think about making reservations to get on or near the lake. However, you might like to seriously think about the off season for Caddo Lake bass fishing. Because the Texas heat can be so formidable in summer, bass fishing can be difficult throughout the months of July and August in particular. Of course this is your own choice; some go throughout the summer months and do quite well, so it just dependents upon your preference.

There are 71 species of fish which can be found in Caddo Lake. Bass fishing is undoubtedly not the only attraction in this area, but smallmouth and largemouth bass are particularly abundant.

In case you are looking to do some Caddo Lake bass fishing, there isn’t an end to your places you can stay in the event that small lodges and cabins are not to your liking. There are also many guides that will offer a day’s trip on the lake; they’ll explain to you the best places where the bass congregate away from the larger and deeper waters.

Whatever your idea of a great vacation – hiking, canoeing, swimming, or anything else which involves the great outdoors – Caddo Lake bass fishing can definitely be an element of it. You will find some of the best fish and the best weather conditions on one of the most beautiful lakes there is in Caddo Lake.