Berkley started in Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1937 when a 16-year old boy named Berkley Bedell took $50.00 from the money he made on his paper route to begin a small business marketing his hand-tied flies to fishing tackle stores and fishermen in the area. Within his 2nd floor room, using hair trimmed from the pet dog, Stubby as well as feathers from the family chickens, young Berkley designed flies to lure nearby fish from the local waters. The Berkley Fly Co. began.

Berkley is a fishing rod are really effective in unfavourable circumstances. This manufacturer creates fishing rods that provide stability when conditions are less than ideal. These fishing rods are actually employed by all sorts of fishermen and they are shown to be some of the highest quality. Berkley is actually a successful business that has grown to be a big name in angling products mainly because it prides itself on producing new and much better merchandise for customers to take pleasure in. Berkley fishing rods are among the very best quality fishing rods offered on the current market.