Today there’s a club for almost any reason you would want to join one. There are clubs for those of a particular age, for those who have children but no spouses, for anyone of nearly all profession, and so on. And yes, there are many bass fishing clubs that you could join as well, when you love the sport and love being around other people who love the sport. You can find clubs in virtually every state and area, and some that are very large with plenty of members and some that are a whole lot smaller and more manageable. But why join a bass fishing club? As they say, what’s in it for me personally?

Being around those who love this sport as much as you do is just part of it. Most bass fishing clubs have websites with forums and boards that only club members have access to. This means getting tips and pointers and techniques that others just don’t have access to. These tips and pointers can be invaluable; most likely, just how much time do you want to spend in learning from mistakes, in choosing the right lures and finding the fish, versus time you spend actually catching the fish? But by being able to have the knowledge and connection with those who are members of these bass fishing clubs, it can save you yourself a lot of time and agony and grief, and you can relish the sport all the more so because you’re more successful at it.

Many a bass fishing club also can let you in on the best places to fish in your local area, or at destinations you have heard about. For example, you may have heard of a specific lake or reservoir in a particular state and are planning a fishing vacation there. But some other person in your bass fishing club spent some time there and wasn’t very impressed, either with the waters or with all the people that planned the vacation. Conversely, you may get insider recommendations on places to stay or fish that aren’t in the brochures and aren’t advertised that well.

There are many bass fishing clubs that also hold their own friendly competitions and tournaments, just between members. You might not need to find sponsors or pay exorbitant entry fees to participate, but could have just a friendly competition among members at a local lake or someplace else. This takes a lot of the pressure off of you when you’re just looking to enjoy yourself but still like a little bit of competition between friends. And a bass fishing club is a superb destination to meet new friends that you can swap stories with regarding the time on the lake or your love of the sport. Why bother attempting to get the people at the job or church interested in your stories of the one which got away when you know they can’t possibly care any less? But once you are part of a bass fishing club you are able to share stories to your heart’s content.