The world’s finest destination for vacation is Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It is well- recognized for its great environment located on a large bay of beautiful sandy beaches and they are filled with big lunkers.

This is basically the real Mexico complete with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture with beautiful weather that goes along with it and friendly people bringing their warm smiles.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the loveliest places you’re able to find on the globe. It combines a unique ethnic culture with today’s resort facilities, reflected in a variety of inspiring activities and convenient accommodations. Puerto Vallarta’s geographical diversity is represented in its mountains, jungles, waterfalls, rivers and the weather is not a hindrance for the fantastic vacation. They always have good weather that will not spoil your ultimate vacation in life.

Because Puerto Vallarta’s popularity has grown bigger and bigger, more tourists flock in, luckily it does not get crowded because it is located in the huge Banderas bay (“also referred to as Bay of Flags”), one of the largest natural bays of Pacific Ocean.

Banderas Bay is also one of the most excellent locations for sport fishing into the globe. Angler’s from around the world come back on a yearly basis to find out if they get the year’s biggest fish. It is a brilliant place to find bass fish, mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, Dorado, rooster tail, and red snapper because it is a 40- mile-wide bay, with a depth of two miles.

A few of the other species that can be caught in the area include Amberjack, Pargo, Snook, Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow Runner, Red Snapper, Rooster Fish, Sierra, Spanish Macarel, Triggerfish, and many more.

One of Mexico’s hottest bass fishing lakes is known as Agua Milpa, which opened in the fall of 1997. The 70,000 acre lake is one of the most easy to get to of Mexico’s hot bass fishing lakes. You can get to it by paved road in 3 hours, either your heading from Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta or by air to Tepic, Nayarit then there is a short 45 minute ride to the lodge.

The largemouth bass fish lake was secluded from fishing through to the fall of ’97. It is an ideal food base and has an ideal growing temperature for bass fishing. Agua Milpa Lake is packed with aggressive largemouth bass, averaging from 2 ½ to 10 pounds. The absolute highest number of healthy bass fish caught was over 50 fishes for only 4 hours and also the largest fish caught at that time weighs six pounds.

The very best fishing rigs in Mexico are the bass fishing boats and motors. These are generally all equipped with new or nearly new outboards and troll motors.

Fishing fanatics from all over the entire world meet on this lake to try their luck in catching the largest fish which are hard to find. People are typically required to have a fishing license either for daily or annual purposes. Tournaments and almost all of the fishing activities are coordinated at the Puerto Vallarta Bass club located by the lake Agua Milpa

Catching and releasing fish happens to be starting to be known in Puerto Vallarta as well as in the world which result in the anglers more concerned with protecting and increasing the sport fish population. Practicing good catch and release techniques provides a first class fishing experience while recognizing our responsibility to keep our valuable fishing resources for future generations. When properly caught and released, fish will continue to repopulate the waters for the continued enjoyments of . If fishes are not released and handled properly, there will come a time that in the next generation fishes will likely not be transparent anymore.

Pity the kids of this next generation for they may not any longer begin to see the beauty and exquisiteness of this fishes that swim in the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, bays along with other aquatic forms. Still pity to them for they can no longer taste the deliciousness among these fishes.

Come and visit Puerto Vallarta if you want to have the top possibility of a life time. Choose this place for your next vacation and you also won’t regret the adventure you’ll need to experience and the beautiful sceneries and exotic beauties for the place.