Sockeye salmon, Steelhead salmon, River trout, Chum salmon, Coho salmon as well as course the Chinook salmon; when salmons of these varieties could be caught in the Alaska Salmon Fishing waters its difficult to keep the throngs of hopeful anglers away. There have been many monster catches of Chinooks or also called King Salmon in the Alaskan waters, further enticing beginner and pro anglers to ply its waters and try their luck.

The King Salmon is no doubt the most coveted price in Alaska salmon fishing, though over the years its waters are also known to shelter several gargantuan halibuts. But Alaska is known for its endless salmon runs.

Nonetheless you can try angling for Coho salmon, or sometimes known as the Silver Salmon, too. This salmon type is next in line with the Chinook in tempestuousness; these are generally known to perform heavy acrobatics and stunts when compromised, beating novice anglers with lesser determination.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Salmon Fishing

All in all, Alaska salmon fishing is one dominant American fishing sport. True you can fish for salmon just about anyplace: Puget Sound, British Columbia, Arkansas, New York… nevertheless the diversity of this salmon fishes in Alaska coupled with the level of the play involved there (most pros fishing for salmon head to Alaska), Alaska salmon fishing provides when it comes to better experience.

So, have I convinced you yet about the boons of Alaska salmon fishing? Here are some starter venues to compliment for your Alaska salmon adventure ideas.

Waterfall Resort

Waterfall Resort is great only for the one thing. They keep the Annual $100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament. Being a full sized tournament involving several pro anglers, this will make it a mighty fine venture indeed. The only catch is, you need to be a resort guest to join the tournament. No big deal, the Waterfall resort also boasts the very best location in this element of Alaska. You may be interested to join.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Are you planning a more laidback adventure where you could fish on anytime of this day with less the hassle? A more personalized adventure perhaps? Why not settle on a single of this riverside cabins along the Kenai River. Now this is certainly personalized fishing vacation, aided by the fishing grounds right at your doorstep.

Regarding Kenai River, this is where Les Anderson became immortalized together with his 1985 catch of a gargantuan salmon. It absolutely was a 97.4 pound King Salmon. Truly the only rival record was the 1949 King Salmon caught at Petersburg, Alaska. At 126 pounds it was by far the heaviest though many were skeptical judging the absence of visual proofs.