Travel fishing rods are actually fishing rods which are much more portable. Many fishing rods come in one piece. Since fishing rods can be as long as eight feet, they are hard to travel with They are impossible to pack in a suitcase and can result in problems when traveling. A Travel Fishing Rod is any fishing rod that is easy to travel with and it represents the most practical rod for that active traveling sportsmen. There is absolutely no rationale for you to take an eight foot one piece fishing rod on the airplane that takes you to your fishing adventure. This is where travel fishing rods and reels come in. They offer a much more practical solution.

If you want to take fishing rods and reels on the airplane, it is best to check the airlines rules for fishing equipment. Each airline is a little different because each one has their own rules.. You need to find out if rods are allowed as a carry on item, the maximum length of the rod that is allowed and what gear you can take in place of one bag.

There are a whole lot of Travel Fishing Rods and makers. We really couldn’t list them all. There are really two different configurations possible. You will find either telescoping fishing rods or multi-sectioned fishing rods which can come in three or four pieces. If the price is a primary factor, telescopic fishing rods are usually cheaper although the multi-sectioned fishing rods are often much better.