The Shakespeare Company began in 1897 by William Shakespeare, Jr.with his patented level-wind reel which was the company’s very first primary product.. The company has an excellent 118 year historical past that covers a large number of products. The Company is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Shakespeare was an enthusiastic angler. He began to consider approaches to improving the relatively basic gear that existed at the time. His biggest annoyance was associated with reels.

The Shakespeare company makes a multitude of sport fishing poles that fishermen from beginner to advanced can make use of. Shakespeare makes spinning, bait-casting and telescoping rods for all types of fishermen.

Shakespeare fishing rods have a very good track record. They’re not regarded as being higher end, or actually something very unique, nevertheless what they’re recognized for has been robust and reliable and having a excellent price tag Shakespeare Fishing rods are manufactured for your serious and not so serious fisherman. If you’re somebody that just will go sport fishing occasionally then this fishing rod nevertheless fits your requirement since it is inexpensive and it works well. If you’re a person that will go angling on a regular basis on the other hand this fishing rod meets your need regardless of what fishing you’re doing simply because the caliber of this fishing rod is like the costliest rods available. The Ugly Stick fishing rod is easily the most well-liked the business makes.