Owen Sound can be a Music City, but the majority of anglers know better. Owen Sound of Ontario, Canada is a Salmon Fishing City, a city where the most rewarding game of salmon fishing are available. Owen Sound of Ontario, Canada is indeed breadth by breadth a salmon city.

The waters of Owen Sound are remarkable in a lot of ways. One particular aspect is its Lake Effect Snow phenomenon indigenous to the Great Lakes. As such, residents in the region sometimes experience harsh snowfalls even with clear skies. And in winter, the norm is 80 inches of snow and long, long weeks of dull gray weather.

But even the waist high snow doesn’t stop salmon anglers from going salmon fishing on Owen Sound. In reality, to combat the Great Gray Funk (or perhaps the Seasonal Affective Disorder), most locals know how to combat such a seasonal disorder. They have just one therapy in mind: to go salmon fishing.

And salmon fishing on Owen Sound is what they do. Anglers could care less about an 8 inch snow, only those heavy runs of salmon and trout. Breaking a hole in the ice and dropping a line. That has been an ancient fishing practice. Though I cannot say that such idea as good or bad, you can try consulting the list of several experts in salmon fishing on Owen Sound. There will be one who can tell you about it. But they can tell you the way to get near those salmon and even explain to you just how to chase those weather blues out of your system.

Gearing up for salmon fishing? Make sure you catch the latest info regarding salmon fishing on Owen Sound.

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While Alaska and British Columbia are blessed with a “Catch and Release” policy, salmon fishing on Owen Sound doesn’t have to be so stringy! In Owen Sound, you take in everything you catch. Furthermore, you compete with other anglers in catching those salmons during the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular Season around August, so look at the calendars and have those rods ready.

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