Who says salmon fishing are only found in Alaska and British Columbia. For those saying that, maybe they haven’t heard of the Great Lakes of the East Coast or the lakes of Oregon and Washington.

If truth be told, many salmon fishing runs and water sheds are being squabbled to be the best there is. While Alaska and British Columbia are undisputed to possess the greatest salmon runs on earth, other areas are slowly evolving into salmon hotspots as well. How rewarding an Oregon salmon fishing trip could be as statistics show.

Perhaps the salmon abundance in Oregon owes it to a number of local plans for salmon and watershed restoration which are in reality still ongoing. These plans involve everyone and encourage everyone: anglers, visitors and residents to take extra care that these habitats remain unspoiled.

Unknown to many salmon anglers, some salmon species are non migratory and these will be the salmon species that provide all year round fishing opportunities. And these freshwater species abound within the Great Lakes as well as in Oregon, so Oregon salmon fishing can be done in the midst of December.

All being said, Oregon is way far from being the worst salmon fishing destination. Most anglers don’t realize its salmon choked full waters until they experience a Chinook gobbling up their line. Are you currently among those skeptical anglers? Head to Oregon. Have a fishing experience not to be emulated anywhere. Have an Oregon salmon fishing escapade.

Check out suggestions to get that Oregon salmon fishing trip going. Remember to book early during spawning seasons.

Oregon Fishing Guides Website: www.tgfusa.com Call them at: (503) 377-9696

Oregon Fishing Guides is a group composed of several top for the line pro anglers. Trolling in the bay, they may be able teach you handy pointers on how to do battle with a frenzied Coho. Preferring laidback fishing on the Oregon streams, have you thought to allow the pros teach you how to correctly read telltale signs and symptoms of nearby salmon. Whatever your way is, you can do better with the Oregon Fishing Guides showing you “how-to” properly.

Fish Oregon Website: www.fishoregon.com Call them at: 1-800-348-4138

Planning for a fishing event in the center of February? No sweat, Oregon salmon fishing offers year round opportunities. You simply have to plan it with the specialist over at Oregon to know the best place to find these landlocked species. At Fish Oregon, they’re able to explain to you locations to fish and what to anticipate. All you need is just a reservation call and some particulars and your adventure is underway, even in the center of February.