Planning a vacation that involves some Falcon Lake bass fishing? This gorgeous lake in the lower part of Texas is a favorite destination for bass fishermen of all abilities. The weather is gorgeous and the natural cover is abundant. But if your wanting to pack a bag and run out for some Falcon Lake bass fishing, keep in mind some important information.

For example thing, there are several new passport regulations you should be conscious of when planning on Falcon Lake bass fishing. Since a part of the lake is in Mexico, there’s a lot that extends from Mexico to the U.S. part. The State Department has instituted some new regulations and plans on implementing more. As of now, anyone traveling by air between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, South America, Caribbean and Bermuda must have a valid passport; next January this regulation will include all persons traveling to these areas regardless of their mode of transportation. If you’re planning a Mexican or foreign vacation and would like to fly back for some Falcon Lake bass fishing on the last leg of the journey, make sure you have your passport in order. It’s very depressing to get stuck if your plane lands just because you weren’t conscious of these regulations.

Regarding the U.S. side, you can find over 83,000 acres of lake; this will make Falcon Lake bass fishing perfect at virtually any time. There’s no such thing as being over-fished. It is a somewhat shallow lake which means that rock piles and timber provide loads of structure and cover for fish. Addititionally there is strong terrestrial vegetation growth, both in the middle for the reservoir and along the shoreline as well. All in all, Falcon Lake bass fishing means both fishing along the shore and middle for the lake as well. Whatever your preference, you’re likely to find a fantastic spot.

You may want to consider an off season when planning a vacation that will include Falcon Lake bass fishing. Simply because the south Texas heat can make summer fishing very difficult. Spinner baits and crankbaits usually work best, as do buzz baits.

You can find of course many other varieties of fish that you will find in abundance in Falcon Lake, including crappies, walleyes, and all sorts of sorts of catfish. This means that there’s more to this excellent area of Texas than just Falcon Lake bass fishing. Since it’s such a popular spot for fishermen, there isn’t any end into the wide range of fishing cabins and hotels there is nearby, and if you travel just a little into town you’ll find some of the best luxury spots as well. This mean you’re able to bring your family to you and even when they’re not looking to complete some fishing, there’ll be something for everybody every day. Definitely any serious fisherman should think about taking a holiday which includes Falcon Lake bass fishing. Regardless of what you’re trying to find and no matter exactly what the amount of abilities, you’re certain to find something that you’ll love in this favorite hot spot.